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Colleen Murray, RN


Colleen Murray, ‘Nurse Colleen’ is a dynamic and versatile nursing professional with a distinguished career spanning various facets of healthcare. With extensive experience in medical-surgical hospital nursing, she has honed her clinical skills and developed a deep understanding of patient care and acute healthcare settings. Her leadership capabilities were further exemplified during her tenure as Director of Nursing for a prominent home health agency, where she was responsible for overseeing clinical operations and ensuring the highest standards of home-based patient care.


An entrepreneur at heart, Nurse Colleen has ventured into the emerging fields of holistic nursing and plant-based therapies. She specializes in the therapeutic use of cannabis and psychedelics, integrating these alternative treatments into holistic care practices to promote wellness and healing. Her expertise and advocacy in this domain have positioned her as a leading voice in the industry.


Colleen's passion for cannabis education and reform is evident through her former role as Chairperson for Orlando NORML, where she worked tirelessly to advocate for sensible cannabis policies. She has also shared her extensive knowledge as a Cannabis Edibles Instructor at Florida Gulf Coast University, educating healthcare professionals and the public on the safe and effective use of cannabis.


In her entrepreneurial ventures, Colleen founded Cannadelic, a groundbreaking conference dedicated to cannabis and psychedelics, fostering education, collaboration, and innovation within the industry. She also established the Cannadelic Community Nonprofit, aiming to support and build a community for military & first responders, including nurses & doctors centered around these alternative therapies, emphasizing their potential benefits and promoting informed and responsible use.

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Nurse Colleen, Founder of Cannadelic
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